Reach your goals – in dialog with your personal sparring partner

You want to go your own way. Professional coaching can support you in that: instead of pondering your goals and actions on your own, I offer you a structured dialog with an experienced conversation partner. Using specialist and insider knowledge, the right questions and clear feedback, we can develop new perspectives and opportunities for action that correspond with your role and function, as well as your strengths and abilities.

Are you looking for a professional dialog partner? Let’s talk.

My specialities:

  • Leadership coaching: clarification of your leadership role; further development of your presence and behaviour; improvement of the functioning of your team; handling of conflicts, crises and strain 
  • Career consulting and coaching: identifying your interests, capabilities and potential; clarifying and weighing your goals and alternatives; designing your professionell future
  • Diversity / women & career: overcoming self-doubts and perfectionism, dealing with status and power, negotiating successfully in a male dominated environment